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    發布時間:2019-09-13 文章來源:Harsco Rail Global Website 翻譯:Yolanda Huang



    CAMP HILL, PA –(September 16, 2019) – Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC) announced today that its Rail division has secured a major order with Europe’s largest railway infrastructure manager DB Netz AG. The agreement – the first ever between Harsco Rail and DB Netz – calls for the development of as many as 56 catenary intervention and maintenance vehicles for the German railway system. The seven-year contract has a total value of $290 million. The initial order quantity confirmed is 16 vehicles with delivery starting from 2022. It is expected that seven more machines will follow two years later.

    賓夕法尼亞州坎普山2019916日)-哈斯科公司(紐約證券交易所:HSC)今天宣布,其鐵路部門已與歐洲最大的鐵路基礎設施公司DB Netz AG取得了一項大訂單。該協議是哈斯科鐵路公司與DB Netz之間的第一個協議,其要求為德國鐵路系統開發多達56輛接觸網的干預和維修車輛。這份為期7年的合同總價值為2.9億美元。確認的初始訂單量為16輛,從2022年開始交付。預計兩年后還將再增加7臺機器。

    The DB Netz order comes as the German firm looks to replace its aging fleet with environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art machinery that is compatible with changes in application and track requirements. Harsco’s diesel-electric Utility Track Vehicles (UTVs) are the most innovative on the market, offering features for pure electric traction via overhead catenary, which meets a critical customer need as more track becomes electrified in DB’s served network. These vehicles also offer innovative technologies that reduce both emission and noise. They can run up to two hours in work mode without any power supply using just a battery and feature a trendsetting air conditioning unit cooled by a natural refrigerant. These features ensure that Harsco’s customer will always have a top of the line vehicle – on the date of delivery and throughout the machine’s lifecycle.

    DB Netz的訂單發布之際,這家德國公司正尋求使用環保的,與應用程序和履帶要求變化兼容的最先進機械來替換老化的機隊。 Harsco的柴油電動多用途履帶車(UTV)是市場上最具創新性的產品,通過架空接觸網提供純電動牽引功能,隨著DB的服務網絡中的更多軌道電氣化,滿足了關鍵的客戶需求。這些車輛還提供減少排放和噪音的創新技術。僅使用電池,它們就可以在不使用任何電源的情況下在工作模式下運行長達兩個小時,并配備了由天然制冷劑冷卻的空調單元。這些功能可確保Harsco的客戶在交付之日和整個機器生命周期中始終擁有一流的車輛。


    “Harsco Rail has significantly invested in Europe to develop market-leading technologies with superior execution capability and to establish a robust supply chain to offer the most innovative Utility Track Vehicles in the market today,” said Harsco Rail President Jeswant Gill. “We appreciate Deutsche Bahn’s confidence in Harsco Rail as a trusted partner to provide state-of-the-art vehicles and are excited about the opportunity to further our growth ambitions.”

    Harsco Rail總裁Jeswant Gill說:“ Harsco Rail在歐洲進行了大量投資,開發具有卓越執行能力的市場領先技術,并建立強大的供應鏈,以提供當今市場上最具創新性的多功能軌道車輛。” “我們感謝德意志鐵路公司(Deutsche Bahn)對哈斯科鐵路公司(Harsco Rail)的信任,同時,也對能夠進一步實現我們的增長雄心感到興奮。

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